10 Rules For Winning The Marketing Game

October 31, 2016

Anyone working in marketing knows that the rules of the game are constantly changing. So how do we remain relevant in an era of ad blocks, content overload and lack of brand loyalty?  

1. Create a movement. Your marketing campaigns should not be about how good your product is but how your product is going to change your customers’ lives 
2. Identify the micro moment for your brand and try to make a powerful impact to a niche category rather than on the general audience. 
3. Be relevant. Match your brand’s story with people’s personal stories. 
4. Your customer’s voice is one of your biggest assets. Real opinions are believable, insightful and incredibly influential.
5. Make sure your ads provide value. Ad blocking is not the problem, advertisers are: they are producing ads that have no value. 
6. Personalize your campaigns by custom making your creative, timing your campaign correctly and using advanced (creative) targeting.
7. Instead of looking for new technology to solve your marketing problem, master and use existing technology. 
8. Design for the medium: Ask yourself, where am I going to put my brand advert? Each social media platform has its own rules- design your content according to the platform. 
9. Don’t forget about TV: people still spend half of their time on TV. If you want to reach a more general audience you shouldn’t forget about TV. (Commercials on TV reach 71.4% of the population in a day)
10. Forget about the brief: In today’s changing world you should not base your entire marketing strategy on your brief. You have to follow key moments and own them. Minimize the verification system of your social media posts and let your social media managers use the power of real time marketing.


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