If You Work in PR, You Can't Miss This Training

July 02, 2024

AI can be a bit confusing. So many new tools and changing so fast. As PR pros, we need to make sure that we use it ethically and understand both its creative power and the crises that can emerge from it. If there is one training on AI that you need to attend, it's the AI in PR Boot Camp scheduled from October 17-18 in Chicago! We've assembled some of the brightest AI minds in the field to help you implement AI and enhance your PR strategy. What makes this a must-attend training?

  1. Gain Expert AI Insights for Everyday PR Hear from industry leaders at Oracle, Microsoft, META, McMaster University, and PwC about implementing AI in your daily work. These sessions will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical tips from those who are pioneering AI in PR.

  2. Master Ethical AI Use in PR Join Manail Anis Ahmed, Research Team Lead at the Center for AI and Digital Policy and Visiting Professor at Princeton University, for a crucial discussion on the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in PR. Explore data privacy, transparency, bias mitigation, and algorithmic accountability through real-world examples and case studies. Learn best practices for promoting ethical AI use in PR to ensure fairness, inclusivity, and integrity in your initiatives.

  3. Transform Your Communication Strategy with AI Megan Noel, Managing Director at PwC, will present an illuminating case study on integrating AI into an established CommTech strategy. Discover how PwC's AI tools revolutionize campaign planning, communication scalability, and quality assurance, offering invaluable insights for organizations seeking to harness AI's transformative power.

  4. Unlock AI Secrets for Maximum Impact Dana Schmidt, Chief Strategy Officer at Slice Communications, will explore five AI "cheat codes" that have maximized impact in communications. From productivity hacks to strategic insights, learn how these tools can elevate your workflow and effectiveness, enabling you to work smarter and achieve greater success in your PR endeavors.

  5. Boost Your Marketing with Cutting-Edge AI Tools Kristi Labrum, Global Communications Lead at Oracle, will guide you through the latest AI tools that enhance marketing and PR strategies. Learn to implement predictive analytics, content creation, sentiment analysis, and personalized engagement to optimize performance and elevate your efforts.

  6. Enhance Internal Communications with AI Mark Dollins, President of North Star Communications Consulting, will provide an in-depth analysis of AI-powered solutions for enhancing internal communications. From chatbots to sentiment analysis, understand the pros and cons of adopting AI and gain valuable insights into streamlining processes and improving engagement.

  7. Elevate Your PR Campaigns with AI Creativity Alexia Aidana, Director of Creative Technology at Edelman, will show you how AI enhances creativity while staying human-centered. Explore the journey from ideation to production with AI tools, redefining creativity in PR campaigns.

  8. Promote DEI with AI in Communications Advita Patel, Director and Co-Founder of CommsRebel, will discuss the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with AI in communication. Learn how AI can advance DEI goals and address potential biases, providing strategies for fostering a more equitable and diverse workplace.

  9. Leverage AI for Precise Audience Targeting Dr. Alex Sévigny, Professor of Communications Management at McMaster University, will dive into AI-powered audience analysis. Discover advanced techniques for leveraging AI algorithms to analyze audience demographics, behavior patterns, and preferences, enabling you to tailor communication strategies that resonate with specific segments and drive engagement.

  10. Master AI-Driven Crisis Communication Philippe Borremans, an independent consultant with over 25 years of expertise in crisis communication, will lead a comprehensive workshop on AI-enhanced crisis communication. Learn to develop crisis communication plans incorporating AI tools, engage in simulated crisis scenarios, and gain practical advice on managing crises with AI.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of PR. Register now for the AI in PR Boot Camp and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to leverage AI effectively in your PR strategies.