Crisis Communications Boot Camp 21

20-21 October, Brussels, Belgium


Crisis Communications Boot Camp 21


20-21 October, Brussels, Belgium

About the Event

Welcome to the 21st edition of P World's Crisis Communications Boot Camp!

Featuring 8 electrifying keynotes, a full-day crisis simulation workshop and over 5 hours of engaging discussions, attending the 21st edition of the Crisis Communications Boot Camp will help you reframe your crisis communications strategy for the new reality.

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Key themes of the Boot Camp:

  • Crisis and reputation management in a polarized world
  • Crisis communications planning for the new, post-pandemic reality
  • Crisis communications measurement tactics that work
  • Media relations in times of crisis
  • Rebuilding your reputation post-crisis

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the most important principles of effective crisis communications in the new reality
  • Detect early warning signs for a crisis, and minimize the damages
  • Structure a robust and effective crisis management and communication plan
  • Manage diverse stakeholders and communicate efficiently in times of complex crisis
  • Choose the right messaging channels
  • Communicate when information is scarce
  • Deal with aggressive media interviews better
  • Craft powerful key messages and take full control of media exposure
  • Leverage social media for effective crisis and communication management
  • Rebuild trust and reputation post-crisis

Facts & Figures

  • The first ever Crisis Communications Boot Camp took place in Calgary in 2018. Since then we have hosted the event 20 times across North America and Europe, including Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Helsinki and Zurich.
  • Past delegates at our Crisis Boot Camps in Europe include senior PR and corporate communications professionals from: Granlund, Propiar, Strategic Communication, Novo Nordisk A/S, Pure Media Company, Aalto University , Helsinki City Executive Office, Finnair, Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Keva, Queens University Belfast, Sahara communications, PwC, EHL Group, Edelman GmbH, Breitling AG, Geistlich Pharma AG, Deloitte GmbH, Kuehne+Nagel, ICRC, Axpo, Services AG, Novartis…. 
  • The Crisis Communications Boot Camp is organized by P World, the company behind the incredible success of the Global PR Summit in 20+ countries around the world. 


Sietse Bakker Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Donald Steel Former Chief Communications Advisor, BBC

Martin Riecken TUI Group

Nicole Moreo LinkedIn

Karina Auger APCO Worldwide

Mónica Vicente Cristina Weber Shandwick

Lauren Burge FTI Consulting

Florence Hugenholtz FTI Consulting

Caroline Sapriel CS&A International



Morning Coffee


Opening Keynote: Crisis Communications in the New Reality
In this opening keynote, Kris will share with you  the top reputation trends you need to know about in the new post-pandemic reality. He will also share how the COVID-19 crisis has changed the world of crisis communications, the tactics needed to maintain clear lines of communications and protect your reputation in times of crisis.
Donald Steel,  Former Chief Communications Adviser, BBC, United Kingdom


Reputation Management in a Polarised World
In today's polarized world brands need to be prepared to take a stand. But how and when? And how should you prepare for this new polarized landscape? In this interactive presentation Lauren will focus on both grasping opportunities and mitigating risk in today's changing world. She will also talk about the importance of corporate resilience using data from FTI Consulting's Resilience Barometer. 
Lauren Burge, Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting - Head of Corporate Reputation, Belgium
Florence Hugenholtz, Senior Director, FTI Consulting


Why Crisis Communications Measurement Matters Now More Than Ever
In today's post pandemic reality, what used to matter, doesn't anymore. Nicole will share with you how to survive in this new environment by rethinking the concept of crisis measurement to protect and maintain your brand’s reputation in volatile times.
Nicole Moreo, Head of Customer Insights for North America, LinkedIn, USA


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Media Relations During Crisis in a Post-Pandemic World
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. In a world of constant crisis, it is important to understand when, how and with what type of information to approach the media as well as employees, customers, and other stakeholders. In this session, we'll dissect the current media climate and help communicators evaluate how and when to approach the media with crisis-related, and non-crisis related messages to ensure a receptive audience and productive approach. 
Karina Auger, Senior Associate Director - Reputation, Issues & Crisis Management, APCO Worldwide, France


Crisis Communications in an Age of Fake News and Cybercrime
In this interactive session, looking at industry best practices, Mónica will showcase the steps you need to take to manage risk in a world of disinformation and to protect your organization’s reputation in a hostile cyber risk landscape.
Mónica Vicente Cristina, Managing Director Brussels, Weber Shandwick, Belgium


Crisis Management 4.0: An Unheard-Of Model for Practitioners
The question “between robots and big data, what’s left for humans?” is the new concern across all sectors. Nowadays, corporations operate in a light-speed environment where the viral spread of information, rumours, and fake news increases the risk and intensity of all crises.To face this new reality, leaders must embrace new technology and adapt ever faster whilst sharpening their strategic crisis leadership skills to protect their organisations' reputation. Before, during and after a crisis Big Data and AI can be valuable allies to obtain decision-critical information faster. Yet, since reputation relies on stakeholders' opinions and trust rather than what we say of ourselves, building and sustaining credibility throughout a crisis is essential to good response and recovery. So the question is: Will humans continue to have a role in crisis management? and how can humans balance machine thinking with empathetic leadership to engage with impacted stakeholders meaningfully?

In this session, Caroline will cover:
- What are the trends and the new tools for managing corporate crises?
- How is the Crisis Management 4.0 model different from what we already know about managing crises?
- What are the key crisis leadership competencies?
- What roles do stakeholders and AI play during a crisis?
- How and what to communicate during a crisis?
 Caroline Sapriel, Managing Partner - CS&A International


Networking Break


Communications Beyond Communications: Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis
Communications is one of several key disciplines that is tasked with the management of a crisis. In his talk, Sietse Bakker gives a unique insight into crisis management from the perspective of the person who makes the final call in managing a crisis, whether it's the Chief Executive or, in his case, the Executive Producer of the largest and most complex television show in Europe, the Eurovision Song Contest. What do you need and expect from your communications professionals? What communications skills are required beyond them? And what is the true role of communications in a crisis? After having climbed the ladder in the organization for nearly twenty years, no one, including himself, could have foreseen that it would take every bit of those twenty years of Eurovision experience to steer Europe’s favorite TV show through the biggest crisis it had ever faced in its 65-year history.
Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer, Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Netherlands


Lessons Learned from Crisis Communications in Tourism and Aviation – What It Takes to Run a Crisis Comms Team in the New Reality
Drawing from his vast experience with events like 9/11, the 2004 SARS crisis, the 2009 ash cloud crisis, the 2015 Germanwings accident and the most recent COVID-19 pandemic, Martin Riecken will share with you the fundamentals of meeting expectations of your stakeholders in a crisis, how to deliver excellence in running a crisis team in the digital age and what it takes to turn crisis into opportunity.
Martin Riecken is Global Head of Internal Communications & Engagement at TUI, the world’s largest integrated tourism company. He is also responsible for the corporation’s global crisis communications. He previously held various international leadership roles at Deutsche Lufthansa and E.ON.
Martin Riecken, Head of Corporate Communications, TUI Group, Germany


End of Day One


Interactive Crisis Simulation Workshop with Donald Steel: Crisis Communications in the New Reality
In this extended workshop, leading crisis communicator Donald Steel explores how crisis communications is changing in the post-pandemic world.
Combining long standing best practice with ideas on how crisis communicators can effectively support those affected by the crisis and protect the reputation of the organisation they represent.
This highly interactive workshop includes an opportunity to work with your fellow delegates through a challenging but very engaging crisis scenario, harnessing social media, media interviews and a sensitive press conference.

You will return to work with:
- Donald’s ten top post-pandemic crisis communications tips
- An action plan to improve executive readiness for crisis communications
-  A heightened awareness of how to communicate in an increasingly aggressive environment

At the end of this workshop you will:
- Understand the relationship between advance preparation and speed in crisis communications
- Be equipped to review your organisation’s tone, language and style on social media in a crisis
- Be familiar with aggressive question types in crisis media interviews and how to deal with them
- Be ready to review your organisation’s crisis communications plan in the light of the workshop


Ten top post-pandemic crisis communication tips


Crisis Scenario Part One - breaking news and the use of social media


Can you be social in a crisis and the role of the dark site


Crisis scenario Part Two - handling a media interview


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Crisis scenario Part Two (continued) - the media interview


Crisis scenario Part Three - press conference


Discussion, summary

16.00 End of Crisis Communications Boot Camp 21

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