Crisis Communications Boot Camp 9

19-20 March, New York

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About the Event

After the phenomenal success in Calgary, Atlanta, Vancouver, Miami, Chicago and Ottawa,  the Crisis Communications Boot Camp is coming for the first time to New York. 

In this two day intensive boot camp, international and regional PR and communications experts will share with you experiences and insights in how to develop and execute a strategy that will help your organization or clients weather inevitable crises.

Attending the Crisis Communications Boot Camp will enable you to:

  • Master the latest trends in crisis and reputation management with some of the world's most admired PR and communications professionals
  • Go behind the scenes of some of the world's most talked about crisis including the most turbulent years in the British Monarchy.
  • Educate your workforce on potential cyber threats, identify which data needs to be absolutely protected, plan in advance and rebuild trust with consumers after a cyber-attack.
  • Determine if your crisis really is a crisis, the best ways to prepare and collaborate with stakeholders, how and when to assemble the players and their roles, as well as, why the CEO must be front line with internal communications and tips for managing a torrent of media.







Errol Cockfield MSNBC

Michael Morrison Massachusetts General Hospital

Sandra Fathi Affect

Harlan Loeb Edelman

Mary Jo Jacobi HSBC, Lehman Brothers, Royal Dutch Shell And BP America

Colleen Harris Official Spokesperson, Wiliam and Kates Royal Wedding

Patrick Jephson Former Chief Of Staff To Princess Diana



Registration and Morning Coffee


Opening Remarks


Mastering the Art of Apology – Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
For more than 40 years Mary Jo Jacobi has operated at the nexus of energy, finance and government, from the White House and Wall Street to the City of London and Westminster.   Along the way she created two award-winning global corporate brands, managed three of history’s most conspicuous corporate crises, and became the only person ever to be appointed to office by two U.S. Presidents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister David Cameron.
In her opening keynote, drawing from her experience at Royal Dutch Shell, BP America, Lehman Brothers, HSBC Holdings and Drexel Burnham Lambert, Mary Jo will share with you lessons learned in building and maintaining a global reputation, handling corporate and financial crisis and most importantly, how to craft the perfect apology.
Mary Jo Jacobi, Former Assistant U.S. Commerce Secretary, Former Chief Reputation Officer at Royal Dutch Shell and Former Executive Vice President of BP America, USA


 Reputation Management For CEOs – Why CEO Reputation Management Matters More Than Ever
When your Boss is the brand, ultimately you may have to face the fact that they’re human after all. Today, reputations are more than ever at risk from the proliferation of global media … and increasingly unpredictable new media as well – phone cameras, Periscope, Facebook, for example.  The lesson is the same: individual human being or global multi-national – their brand essence and values must be guarded more carefully and more vigilantly than ever. 
In his session Patrick will help you identify the qualities people expect to see in their brands, prepare your CEO for major crisis, define the essence of your CEO’s brand, build the key message and most importantly, acquire substance, not spin.
Patrick owes much of his practical communications experience to Princess Diana, who chose him to be her equerry and only private secretary/chief of staff.  He served the Princess for eight years (1988-96), responsible for every aspect of her public life, charitable initiatives, and private organization.  He travelled with her to five continents, working with government officials up to head of state.  Under relentless media scrutiny, his tenure covered the period of Princess Diana’s greatest popularity as well as the constitutional controversy of her separation from Prince Charles.
Patrick Jephson, NY Times Bestselling Author, Former Chief of Staff to Princess Diana, UK


Interactive Discussion with Speakers and Delegates


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Cyber Crime: Preparing Your Organization for the New Normal
The global cost of cybercrime will reach $2 trillion by 2019, a threefold increase from the 2015 estimate of $500 billion and according to the Ponemon Institute’s “2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis,” which queried 383 organizations that suffered at least one breach in 2016, the average cost per breach was $4 million. That figure rose to $7 million in the U.S.
This interactive session will help you educate your workforce on potential threats, identify which data needs to be absolutely protected and key threats, plan in advance and how to rebuild trust with consumers after a cyber-attack.
Sandra Fatih, President, Affect


How PR Pros Can Powerfully Communicate in the ‘Fake News’ Era
Advancements with technology, social media platforms and mobile devices have disrupted the traditional communications model, which presents both tough challenges and outstanding opportunities. Though PR pros must monitor and prepare to defend their organizations’ reputations at a moment’s notice, you can also reach and interact with their audiences better than ever before.
Errol Cockfield, senior vice president of communications for MSNBC, will show the risks in this quickly moving social media landscape that is becoming increasingly more crowded with political and social issues PR pros must navigate. He will also show the power social and digital channels have in communicators’ hands, especially when using defensive PR strategies to bolster your organization’s image, take advantage of the fast-pace news cycle, and cover crucial elements of reputation management.
Errol Cockfield, Senior VP Communications, MSNBC


Interactive Discussion with Speakers and Delegates


Networking and Refreshment Break


Integrating Social Media into Disaster Communications Plans: Case Study on the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings
Michael Morrison, Director, Media Relations, Massachusetts General Hospital


Behind Palace Doors: Managing the Reputation of the British Royal Family

With more than 25 years’ experience, ranging from the British Royal Household, via Downing Street, to international NGOs, Colleen Harris has a strong track record of working in high-profile media and communications roles. This professional experience is complemented by a broad portfolio of trusteeships and non-executive director roles in the arts, education and health. In this interactive session, Colleen will share with you lessons learned from her work with The Prince of Wales during some of the most turbulent years in the British Monarchy.
Colleen Harris, Former Press Secretary to Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry
Spokesperson, Prince Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding


Interactive Discussion with Speakers and Delegates


End of Day One


Morning Coffee

10.00 - 16.30

Fully Interactive Crisis Communications Workshop with Harlan Loeb, Global Chair, Crisis & Risk Mitigation Practice at Edelman

Attending this workshop will enable you to:
- Conduct a vulnerability audit to assess potential crisis scenarios
- Create a core message that can be communicated across all social media channels
- Properly monitor your social media channels for potential problems
- Coach your spokesperson on the tough questions they may face from the media
- Engage the media and address misinformation and negative commentary


End of Crisis Communications Boot Camp 9

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