Crisis Communications Boot Camp Las Vegas

17-18 October 2024, Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas


Crisis Communications Boot Camp Las Vegas


17-18 October 2024, Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

About the Event

Prepare to revolutionize your crisis communication strategy at the Crisis Communications Boot Camp in Las Vegas from October 17-18! As the West Coast hosts North America's leading crisis training event, gear up to confront the challenges of permacrisis head-on.

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Here is why this is a must-attend event for you:

  • AI-Powered Crisis Management: Discover how AI revolutionizes crisis management strategies with insights from Chris Gee, CEO of Chris Gee Consulting.
  • Combat Misinformation: Gain proactive strategies for countering false narratives facilitated by AI, guided by Dave Fleet, Global Head of Digital Crisis at Edelman.
  • Master Media Relations: Learn from Dee Mostofi, AVP of University External Communications at Stanford University, how to maintain effective media relationships during crises.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Enhance your communication approach with insights from Amanda Coffee, Senior Director of Global Media Relations at Under Armour, ensuring both external messaging and internal well-being are prioritized.
  • Real-World Case Studies: Benefit from Jill Geer, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer of USA Gymnastics, as she shares insights into post-crisis recovery strategies.
  • Authentic Sustainability Communication: Explore practical strategies for communicating sustainability initiatives with authenticity, guided by Callie Noakes, Global Head of External Communications at Mars.
  • Rebuild Trust Post-Crisis: Acquire actionable guidance on rebuilding trust and reputation following a crisis from Sally Stewart, Editor-in-Chief of Newsroom at Cedars-Sinai.
  • Interactive Crisis Workshop: Participate in a full-day crisis workshop led by Irene Payne, Associate Director of Crisis Communications at Kenyon International Emergency Services, to sharpen your crisis management skills and prepare for real-world scenarios.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to enhance your crisis communication prowess and elevate your organization's preparedness in the face of adversity. Register today and discover firsthand why this event is renowned as North America's premier crisis training experience!






Facts & Figures

  • Inaugural Event: The very first Crisis Communications Boot Camp was organized in Calgary in 2017, setting the stage for a journey of excellence in crisis communication training.
  • Global Reach: Since its inception, the boot camp has attracted over 2500 PR professionals, making it one of the most sought-after events in the field. It has been held in 25 cities around the world, offering participants a truly global perspective on crisis communication.
  • Global Recognition: The Crisis Communications Boot Camp is widely recognized as one of the world's leading training programs in crisis communications, not only in Europe and North America but across the globe. Its reputation for delivering cutting-edge strategies and insights has solidified its status as a go-to resource for professionals in the field.
  • Exclusive Content: The boot camp continuously evolves to address the latest challenges and trends in crisis communication. Participants can expect exclusive content, expert speakers, and practical takeaways that empower them to navigate the ever-changing landscape of crisis management.
  • Solutions-Oriented: Unlike many other events, this boot camp places a strong emphasis on practical solutions and actionable strategies. Attendees leave with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively handle crises and protect their organization's reputation.


Dave Fleet Edelman

Irene Payne Kenyon International Emergency Services

Dee Mostofi Stanford University

Jill Geer USA Gymnastics

Chris Gee Future-Proofing PR: AI Integration & Digital Leadership Advisor | LinkedIn Top Thought Leadership & Storytelling Voice | Non-Profit Board Director | Public Speaker | Podcaster

Amanda Coffee Under Armour

Callie Noakes Mars

Sally Stewart Cedars-Sinai



Registration and Morning Coffee


Crisis Communications in the Age of AI
In today's interconnected world, crises can escalate rapidly, challenging organizations to respond swiftly and effectively. AI is revolutionizing crisis communications, offering powerful tools to monitor, analyze, and respond to emergencies with unprecedented speed and precision. In this session, join Chris as he explores the transformative impact of AI on crisis communications. From real-time sentiment analysis to predictive modeling, learn how AI is reshaping crisis management strategies, enabling proactive interventions, and safeguarding reputations in the face of adversity. Gain insights into best practices, case studies, and emerging trends, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate crises with confidence in an AI-driven landscape.
Chris Gee, CEO, Chris Gee Consulting


Navigating the Maze of AI-Fueled Disinformation: Strategies for Effective Response
Understand how AI facilitates the spread of false information, identify the telltale signs of AI-generated content and deepfake manipulation, and delve into the ethical implications and societal impacts of this pervasive issue. Discover proactive strategies for debunking and countering false narratives, and learn about collaborative efforts to enhance digital literacy and critical thinking skills. This session offers indispensable insights and actionable steps for navigating the complex landscape of misinformation with resilience and integrity.
Dave Fleet, Global Head of Digital Crisis, Edelman


Navigating Media Relations in Permacrisis: Strategies for Success
In this session, join Dee, a seasoned media relations expert, as she unravels the intricate web of maintaining effective media relationships during times of permacrisis. With the modern world characterized by ongoing and interconnected crises, the role of media relations has never been more critical. Dee will share invaluable insights and strategies to help you adapt and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape. Explore the art of crafting a proactive and resilient media relations strategy that ensures your organization's message is heard, even in the midst of enduring permacrisis scenarios. Learn to build and nurture relationships with the media that foster trust and credibility, allowing you to effectively convey your organization's story and navigate the constant waves of challenges. Discover how to provide timely, accurate, and empathetic responses to media inquiries and stakeholder concerns, ensuring your brand remains resilient and respected. 
Dee Mostofi, AVP, University External Communications, Stanford University


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


In the Eye of the Storm: Effective Crisis Communication for Media and Employees
Dive into the intricate dynamics of modern communication strategies in this insightful session. Delve into the delicate balance between immediate response and thoughtful consideration, particularly when faced with external events like war, natural disasters, and elections. Learn how to navigate this challenging landscape, ensuring that both external messaging and internal employee well-being are prioritized. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your communication approach and foster a culture of empowerment within your organization.
Amanda Coffee, Senior Director of Global Media Relations, Under Armour


Rebuilding Trust: USA Gymnastics' Journey to Recovery
Join Jill Geer, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer of USA Gymnastics, for an insightful exploration into the organization's path to recovery following a tumultuous period. In this session, Geer will delve into the strategies, challenges, and pivotal moments that have shaped USA Gymnastics' efforts to rebuild trust, foster transparency, and instill confidence in its stakeholders.
Jill Geer, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, USA Gymnastics


Networking and Refreshment Break


Avoiding Greenwashing: Navigating Authentic Sustainability Communication
In this interactive session, Callie will draw from his extensive experience to explore practical strategies for effectively communicating sustainability initiatives while avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing. From decoding industry jargon to fostering transparency and accountability, Callie will share invaluable insights to help you navigate the complexities of sustainability communication with integrity and clarity.
Callie Noakes, Global Head of External Communications, Mars


Reputation Recovery & Rebuilding: Steps and Strategies to Rebuild a Tarnished Reputation Post-crisis.
In this session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps and strategies required to rebuild a damaged reputation following a crisis. The session will cover the importance of transparency, communication tactics, stakeholder engagement, and proactive measures to restore trust and credibility. Whether you're currently facing a reputational challenge or aiming to prepare for future crises, this session provides actionable guidance to navigate the journey toward reputation restoration effectively.
Sally Stewart, Editor-in-Chief, Newsroom, Associate Director, Media Relations, Communications, Cedars-Sinai


End of Day One


Revitalizing Your Crisis Plan: A Real-Life Scenario Workshop with Irene Payne
Join us for a transformative Crisis Simulation Workshop led by esteemed crisis communication expert, Irene Payne as we dive into the ever-changing landscape of crisis communications in a post-pandemic world. In this extended session, we'll focus on the crucial process of updating your crisis plan with real-life scenarios, ensuring your organization remains resilient and adaptable in the face of modern challenges.
This immersive workshop combines established best practices with innovative approaches, empowering crisis communicators to effectively support those affected by crises and protect their organization's reputation. You'll engage in hands-on exercises, collaborating with your peers to navigate complex crisis scenarios that involve social media, media interviews, and delicate press conferences.

By the conclusion of this workshop, you'll walk away with:
- Irene's top ten crisis communication strategies tailored to the post-pandemic era.
- A concrete plan to enhance your leadership team's preparedness for crisis communication.
- A heightened understanding of effective communication in today's increasingly assertive environment.

Upon completing the workshop, you'll be equipped to:
- Understand the crucial connection between pre-crisis preparation and swift crisis response.
- Possess the skills to evaluate and adapt your organization's social media communication style during crises.
- Be proficient in handling assertive question types during crisis media interviews.
- Be well-prepared to update and revise your organization's crisis communication plan based on the valuable insights gained during the workshop.

Don't miss this opportunity to fortify your crisis preparedness and embrace the future of crisis communications with confidence.

About Your Workshop Leader:

Irene Payne is the Associate Director of Crisis Communications at Kenyon International Emergency Services. Originally from the United Kingdom, Irene Payne is now based in Nevada, USA. She has extensive communication experience in crisis management, particularly firearms incidents in educational settings. In 2012, she was presented with the 'Leadership Through Communication' award from the American Association of School Administrators and the National School Public Relations Professionals Association. Additionally, Irene has worked in India, Pakistan, and Europe. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Communications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom.

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