Crisis Communications Boot Camp London 2

4-5 November, BT Tower, London


Crisis Communications Boot Camp London 2


4-5 November, BT Tower, London

About the Event

Back by Popular Demand!

After the phenomenal success in 2022, we are thrilled to return with another edition of the world's most admired crisis training! With successful events across Europe, the USA, and Canada, we have trained over 2000+ crisis communicators. Now, it's your turn to join us in London and take your crisis communication skills to the next level.

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Why Attend?

  • Expert-Led Learning: Learn from top industry experts from renowned organizations like Edelman, BT, Ben & Jerry's, Virgin, LinkedIn, and the Global Airlines, who bring real-world experience and insights.
  • AI and Crisis Management: Understand AI-driven crises, including deepfakes and misinformation, and learn to leverage AI tools for effective crisis management and real-time response.
  • Combat Fake News: Equip yourself with AI-driven strategies to identify and manage fake news, protecting your brand’s credibility and reputation.
  • Corporate Affairs Best Practices: Discover how to integrate AI in PR while safeguarding your brand’s reputation through practical case studies and ethical considerations.
  • Authentic Corporate Activism: Learn from Ben & Jerry’s successful strategies to align your values with actions, manage customer expectations, and maintain brand credibility in turbulent times.
  • Building Resilience: Develop robust crisis communication plans and resilience strategies to ensure your organization thrives during crises.
  • Measuring Success: Master the techniques for assessing crisis management performance, setting clear objectives, and using data analytics for real-time monitoring.
  • Royal Insights: Gain unique perspectives on managing high-profile reputations from experts with experience in the Royal Household.
  • Networking: Connect with peers, industry leaders, and experts, building valuable professional relationships and sharing experiences.

Additionally, the Boot Camp includes an exclusive full-day workshop with Philippe Borremans on "AI-Powered Crisis Communications." 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your crisis communication expertise. Secure your spot today and be part of the ultimate crisis communications boot camp experience.

Join us at BT Tower in London from November 4-5, and transform the way you handle crisis communications!






Facts & Figures

  • Inaugural Event: The very first Crisis Communications Boot Camp was organized in Calgary in 2017, setting the stage for a journey of excellence in crisis communication training.
  • Global Reach: Since its inception, the boot camp has attracted over 2500 PR professionals, making it one of the most sought-after events in the field. It has been held in 25 cities around the world, offering participants a truly global perspective on crisis communication.
  • Global Recognition: The Crisis Communications Boot Camp is widely recognized as one of the world's leading training programs in crisis communications, not only in Europe and North America but across the globe. Its reputation for delivering cutting-edge strategies and insights has solidified its status as a go-to resource for professionals in the field.
  • Exclusive Content: The boot camp continuously evolves to address the latest challenges and trends in crisis communication. Participants can expect exclusive content, expert speakers, and practical takeaways that empower them to navigate the ever-changing landscape of crisis management.
  • Solutions-Oriented: Unlike many other events, this boot camp places a strong emphasis on practical solutions and actionable strategies. Attendees leave with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively handle crises and protect their organization's reputation.


Piers Rosenfeld-Schreiber BT

Sean Greenwood Ben & Jerry's

Nicole Moreo LinkedIn

Tamara Pickett Virgin

Philippe Borremans Author, "Mastering Crisis Communication with ChatGPT: A Practical Guide,"

Peter Heneghan Former Deputy Director of Digital Communications, 10 Downing Street

Richard Stephenson OBE Global Airlines

Nick Hope Edelman



Registration and Morning Coffee


How to Manage AI-Fueled Crises: A Comprehensive Guide for Leaders
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the emergence of AI technologies has revolutionized how organizations manage communications, bringing new challenges, particularly in crisis management. In this engaging and insightful session, Peter Heneghan, an esteemed expert with a wealth of experience from his tenure at 10 Downing Street and as Co-Founder & CEO of The Future Communicator, will delve into the complexities of AI-fueled crises. Participants will explore the intricacies of AI-driven crises, identifying potential threats such as deepfakes and misinformation, and learn proactive strategies to implement AI tools for monitoring, predicting, and mitigating crises. The session will also cover real-time response techniques, ethical considerations for transparency and trust, and real-world case studies showcasing successful strategies. Join Peter Heneghan for a comprehensive look at effectively managing crises in the age of AI, equipping your organization with the tools and knowledge to stay resilient amidst technological challenges.
Peter Heneghan, Former Deputy Director of Digital Communications, 10 Downing Street; Co-Founder & CEO, The Future Communicator


Managing Fake News in the Age of AI: Strategies for Crisis and Risk Management
In today’s digital landscape, the proliferation of fake news has become a significant challenge, especially with the rapid advancement of AI technologies. Join Nick for an insightful session on effectively managing the spread of misinformation. This session will explore the latest AI-driven tools and strategies for identifying and mitigating fake news, maintaining credibility, and protecting your organization's reputation. Nick will share real-world case studies and provide actionable tactics for crisis and risk management in an era where misinformation can spread like wildfire. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of fake news and equipped with practical approaches to safeguard their brands against the risks posed by AI-enhanced misinformation.
Nick Hope, Managing Director of Crisis and Risk EMEA, Edelman


Best Practice Corporate Affairs: Balancing the Potential of AI With the Discipline of Reputation Management

Join Piers for a session on building best practice corporate affairs, balancing the potential power of AI in driving insight and foresight with the potential risks of losing control of corporate narratives and reputational grip. Through a series of compelling case studies, this session will delve into the practical applications of AI in corporate affairs, highlighting the gains in terms of speed, analysis and content generation and the threats in terms of ethical jeopardy, cyber vulnerability and reputational risk.  You will learn strategies for harnessing AI to boost productivity in daily communications while enhancing your preparedness for crisis scenarios.
Piers Rosenfeld-Schreiber, Corporate Affairs Director, Business, BT 


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Taking a Stand Amid Political and Societal Turmoil: Navigating Authentic Advocacy
In an era marked by societal turbulence, Sean unpacks the essence of authentic corporate activism through the lens of Ben &Jerry's impactful strategies. Drawing from their playbook, Sean illuminates the path to taking principled stands while preserving brand credibility. This session offers practical insights on aligning values with action, managing customer expectations, and safeguarding your brand's reputation amidst polarized landscapes. Join Sean to discover actionable steps for genuine, impactful advocacy, empowering your organization to navigate these tumultuous times with integrity and purpose.
Sean Greenwood, Director of Public Relations and Communications, Ben & Jerry's


Resilience Building in Crisis: Strategies & Implementation
Discover indispensable strategies for resilience amidst uncertainty in this session. Learn to craft effective crisis communication plans, conduct drills, and simulate crises for swift, decisive responses. Dive into building organizational resilience through adaptive cultures and fortified structures. Gain practical insights to thrive in future crises.
Tamara Pickett, Group Communications & External Relations Director, Virgin


Networking and Refreshment Break


Session TBC
Richard Stephenson OBE, Board Member & CCO, Global Airlines


Measuring Success in Crisis Communications: Essential Tips and Strategies
In this session, Nicole Moreo, a distinguished expert in PR measurement,  will provide essential insights into measuring the success of crisis communication strategies. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, understanding the impact and effectiveness of your crisis response is pivotal. Nicole will guide you through the most critical tips for crisis communications measurement, offering a practical roadmap for assessing your crisis management performance accurately. You'll learn how to set clear objectives, harness data analytics, master key performance indicators (KPIs), employ real-time monitoring, and identify trends and best practices in crisis communications measurement. Nicole's extensive experience and practical approach will empower you to navigate crisis management with confidence, ensuring your organization's reputation and financial health are safeguarded.
Nicole Moreo, Head of Customer Insights, LinkedIn


End of Day One


AI-Powered Crisis Communication: Navigating Turbulent Times (A Full Day Workshop)

Part 1:
Understanding the New Complexity of Crises
- Dive into how social movements, geopolitics, and the concept of permacrisis impact crisis communication.
- Discussion on the necessity of evolving crisis communication strategies to manage complex and interconnected crises effectively.

Part 2: 
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Crisis Management
- Overview of AI, its ethical implications, and potential in enhancing crisis management strategies.
- Emphasis on understanding the basics of machine learning and natural language processing.

Part 3:
AI Tools Across the Crisis Communication Cycle
- Detailed session on AI tools for planning, content creation, analysis, and reporting in crisis communication.
- Demonstrations of tools in action and their practical applications in managing crises.

Part 4:
Crafting Your AI-Enhanced Crisis Communication Plan
- Hands-on workshop guiding participants through developing a comprehensive crisis communication plan incorporating AI tools.
- Focus on identification of crisis scenarios, stakeholder communication, and strategic message crafting.

Part 5:
Crisis Simulation Exercise
- Engage in a simulated crisis scenario to test the developed crisis communication plans.
- This interactive exercise emphasizes real-time decision-making, digital platform monitoring, and the application of AI tools in crisis situations.

Abou Your Workshop Leader:
Philippe Borremans, your workshop leader, is an independent consultant with over 25 years of expertise in risk and crisis communication. He has worked with leading multinational corporations such as Volvo Group, Chanel, Mastercard Foundation, FedEx, Mars Group, Procter & Gamble, and Danone, providing practical advice, tailored training, and realistic simulation exercises to enhance their crisis communication capabilities.
In addition to his consultancy work, Philippe has collaborated with international bodies such as the World Health Organization, the European Union, and the West African Union on risk and emergency communication projects in the context of epidemics and natural disasters.
Before establishing his independent consultancy, Philippe spent a decade with IBM, focusing on corporate, crisis, and online communications, and gained early career experience at Porter Novelli International in Brussels.
As an educator, Philippe regularly shares his knowledge as a lecturer at European and North African universities and business schools. He is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences, discussing crisis communication and the impact of technology on public relations.
Philippe is the author of "Mastering Crisis Communication with ChatGPT; A Practical Guide," released in February 2023, and publishes the newsletter Wag The Dog, which provides insights into current trends in crisis, risk, and emergency communication.

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