Crisis Communications Boot Camp Zurich

18-19 April 2024, Zurich


Crisis Communications Boot Camp Zurich


18-19 April 2024, Zurich

About the Event

Back by popular demand after a series of triumphant events across 25 global cities, the Crisis Communications Boot Camp returns to Switzerland! Join us in Zurich for the world's leading crisis training, where we'll equip you with the skills to navigate the most critical reputational threats.

Why attend?

  • Gain exclusive insights from top communication experts at Virgin, adidas, Piaggio Aerospace, Roche, and Equifax as they navigate the era of permacrisis, adapting their crisis plans for the future.
  • Learn crucial strategies to safeguard your reputation amidst political, societal upheavals, and cyber threats. Update your crisis plan with essential scenarios for comprehensive preparedness.
  • Engage in a dynamic full-day crisis simulation workshop led by Amanda Coleman, Former Communications Director at Greater Manchester Police. Collaborate, strategize, and tailor your crisis plan for the evolving landscape of 2024 and beyond.
  • Network with industry leaders, share experiences, and forge valuable connections that transcend the event.

Don't miss your chance to be part of the ultimate Crisis Communications Boot Camp. Secure your spot now and elevate your crisis management game!

Facts & Figures

  • Inaugural Event: The very first Crisis Communications Boot Camp was organized in Calgary in 2017, setting the stage for a journey of excellence in crisis communication training.
  • Global Reach: Since its inception, the boot camp has attracted over 2000 PR professionals, making it one of the most sought-after events in the field. It has been held in 25 cities around the world, offering participants a truly global perspective on crisis communication.
  • Global Recognition: The Crisis Communications Boot Camp is widely recognized as one of the world's leading training programs in crisis communications, not only in Europe and North America but across the globe. Its reputation for delivering cutting-edge strategies and insights has solidified its status as a go-to resource for professionals in the field.
  • Exclusive Content: The boot camp continuously evolves to address the latest challenges and trends in crisis communication. Participants can expect exclusive content, expert speakers, and practical takeaways that empower them to navigate the ever-changing landscape of crisis management.
  • Solutions-Oriented: Unlike many other events, this boot camp places a strong emphasis on practical solutions and actionable strategies. Attendees leave with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively handle crises and protect their organization's reputation.


Colleen Harris Former Press Secretary To Princes Charles, William And Harry

Amanda Coleman Former Head of Communications, Greater Manchester Police

Ashley Korte Equifax

Luciano Luffarelli Adjunct Professor, Crisis Communication @ IULM University

Sietse Bakker Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Nathaniel Davies Roche

Ben Murphy Virgin Group and Virgin Unite



Registration and Morning Coffee


Royal Reputations Unveiled: Insights from Behind Palace Doors with Colleen Harris
Join us for a captivating Fireside Chat with Colleen Harris, former Press Secretary to HRH Prince of Wales, now King Charles III. With unparalleled experience managing the reputations of Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry during turbulent times, Colleen shares insights into crafting the Royal brand and navigating the challenges faced by the world's most famous Royal family.
As the spokesperson for Prince William and Kate's wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, and the first Black senior member of the Royal Household, Colleen offers a unique perspective on Royal communications and reputation management. Don't miss this chance to discover the secrets behind palace doors.


Navigating Turbulence: Crisis Communications in Political and Societal Turmoil
In an era marked by heightened political polarization and societal unrest, adept crisis communication strategies are essential for organizations and individuals alike. This session delves into the intricacies of managing communication during tumultuous times, equipping you with the tools to navigate crises effectively. The session will explore crafting resonant messages in politically charged environments, will help you learn adaptable crisis response techniques, and engage stakeholders with sensitivity. 
Nathaniel Davies, Head of Strategic Communications, Roche


Resilience Building in Crisis: Strategies & Implementation
Discover indispensable strategies for resilience amidst uncertainty in this session. Learn to craft effective crisis communication plans, conduct drills, and simulate crises for swift, decisive responses. Dive into building organizational resilience through adaptive cultures and fortified structures. Gain practical insights to thrive in future crises.

Ben Murphy – Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Virgin Group and Virgin Unite


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Preparing for the Impossible: A Case Study by Equifax
The moment you believe it won’t happen to you, is the moment you put your business at risk. Ensuring your organization is prepared to respond to the unexpected quickly and effectively is critical to the continuity of any business. In this session Ashley Korte will discuss how Equifax equips internal stakeholders with the skills and resources to successfully navigate crises.
Ashley Korte, Senior Director, Global Crisis Management, Equifax


Communications Beyond Communications: Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis
Communications is one of several key disciplines that is tasked with the management of a crisis. In his talk, Sietse Bakker gives a unique insight into crisis management from the perspective of the person who makes the final call in managing a crisis, whether it's the Chief Executive or, in his case, the Executive Producer of the largest and most complex television show in Europe, the Eurovision Song Contest. What do you need and expect from your communications professionals? What communications skills are required beyond them? And what is the true role of communications in a crisis? After having climbed the ladder in the organization for nearly twenty years, no one, including himself, could have foreseen that it would take every bit of those twenty years of Eurovision experience to steer Europe’s favorite TV show through the biggest crisis it had ever faced in its 65-year history.
Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer, Eurovision Song Contest 2021


Networking and Refreshment Break


Communicating in Crisis: Social Media and Polarization
In today's interconnected digital landscape, crises can escalate rapidly. In this session, Luciano will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by social media in times of crisis. He will navigate the complexities of managing communication during tumultuous situations and will offer insights into effective crisis response strategies. Moreover, Luciano will shed light on how polarization in online spaces affects communication strategies. As viewpoints become more divergent, understanding the dynamics of polarization becomes crucial for effective communication. Luciano's expertise will provide valuable guidance on bridging divides and navigating polarized environments.
Luciano Luffarelli, Head Of Communications, Piaggio Aerospace & Adjunct Professor, Crisis Communication @ Iulm University


Case Study: Lessons Learned from the Manchester Arena Bombing
Join Amanda, a seasoned crisis management expert, as she delves into a poignant case study of a devastating act of terrorism. On a fateful night in 2017, a suicide bombing rocked the Manchester Arena, leaving a profound impact on countless lives. In this session, Amanda will unravel the complexities of crisis response, exploring pivotal decisions, vulnerabilities exposed, and resilience demonstrated in the aftermath of this tragic event. Drawing from strategic analysis and firsthand insights, attendees will gain invaluable lessons in crisis preparedness, response tactics, and post-incident recovery strategies. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from past adversity and empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate through the most challenging of circumstances.
Amanda Coleman, Former Communications Director, Greater Manchester Police


End of Day One


Navigating Crisis Resilience: Effective Crisis Communication with Amanda Coleman

Led by Amanda Coleman, former Head of Communications at Greater Manchester Police, our Practical Crisis Communications Workshop, helmed by one of Europe’s leading experts, equips professionals for high-stakes scenarios. Spanning crisis preparation, real-time response, and recovery, Amanda guides through each phase, offering actionable insights, tips, and checklists.
This interactive workshop prepares for any crisis—internal errors, customer actions, natural disasters, or political upheavals. Featuring case studies and leadership insights, it focuses on human-centered crisis communication.

By the end, you'll:
- Master crucial crisis communication principles
- Identify early crisis warnings and minimize damage
- Create robust crisis management plans
- Efficiently manage diverse stakeholders
- Optimize messaging channels in scarce information scenarios
- Handle media interviews with finesse
- Craft powerful key messages and control media exposure
- Leverage social media effectively
- Rebuild trust and reputation post-crisis

Workshop breakdown:
Part 1: Spotting the Crisis
Identify risks, create a communication-centric risk framework, and be crisis-ready.
Part 2: Developing Crisis Comms Plan
Covering plan essentials, principles, stakeholder management, and best practices.
Part 3: Implementing Crisis Plan
Test and refresh plans, focus on affected individuals, and manage consequences.
Part 4: Building Strong Recovery
Navigate crisis-to-recovery transition, address the 4 R's of recovery, and prepare for the future.

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