Design Thinking For HR Professionals

27th April 2017, Doha, Qatar

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About the Event

Design Thinking is continuing its conquest of the business world. The user-centered approach of the thriving innovative practice has become the secret tool in HR-services. 

In this highly interactive course, global design thinking gurus Mima and Susanne will showcase t you the potential of design thinking and how you can use it to find new solutions to complex issues, engage employees, redefine work spaces and foster a culture of innovation. 

This hands-on and playful workshop provides you with a skill set to create customized cutting edge HR-services.

Register today to: 
•    Experience Design Thinking as a powerful HR tool to freshly approach common daily work challenges.
•    Discover the user-centered approach to fully grasp the real needs of your employees.
•    Break old thinking patterns to come up with innovative solutions to boost the energetic level of your company.
•    Learn how “asking the right questions” empowers you to see beneath the obvious.
•    Be part of a brainstorming session that reveals the beauty of connected minds. 
•    Surprise yourself with amazing ideas in a time pressured setting.
•    Feel how the art of communication sets a solid ground for a constant learning culture.


Susanne Bergner Generation For Innovation

Mima Pejoska Generation For Innovation



Registration And Morning Coffee


Introduction To Design Thinking And 3 Great Examples Of Design Thinking


Active Group Work: “Persona”
•    Starting the 1st HR-task of the day 
•    Grasping an imaginary “Persona” in a realistic setting 
•    Brainstorming
•    Introducing the power of Design Thinking Brainstorming
•    Experiencing time as the best motivator
•    Group spirit: Building on the ideas of others


Networking And Refreshment Break


Active Group Work: Brainstorming Session

•    Design Thinking Brainstorming
•    Next Step: Building on the ideas of others and choosing on the 3 best ideas
•    Presenting of ideas 
•    Questions and Feedback on the ideas
•    Reflecting insights and learning
•    Collecting all ideas and input


Lunch For Speakers And Delegates


Empathy Methods/ Setting Up Creative Workspaces
Creating A Design Thinking Enviorenment
•    Team
•    Room and Space
•    Processes and Rituals


Understanding a “Persona”
•    Introducing of the 2nd HR-task of the day
•    Getting familiar with task
•    Brainstorming
•    Thinking outside the box
•    Tricking your mind to get new ideas


Networking And Refreshment Break


•    Getting amazing ideas with proven Design Thinking methods
•    Presentation time: Each time presents the results of the brainstorming session
•    Final Feedback 


End Of Design Thinking Training Course


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