Virtual CX Excellence Summit

14-15-16 October 2020

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Virtual CX Excellence Summit

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14-15-16 October 2020

About the Event

About the Virtual CX Excellence Summit:

  • Due to the ongoing CORONA-19 Pandemic, we are transforming the much anticipated CX Excellence Summit to a Virtual Event!
  • Divided into 3 days, it provides the perfect environment to catch up on the latest trends in the industry & not spend the whole day in a Virtual Meeting!
  • Our inspirational speakers are passionate for Excellence in Customer Experience and have worked and developed CX strategies for some of the world's most admired brands like Facebook, American Airlines, Mattel, ErsteBank & SparBankVolkswagen, Twitter, SAP, Sure Petcare and more
  • Be exposed to new ways of approaching your work and your brand, and learn from the incredible stories each speaker has to tell.
  • Spend 3 days networking with some of the most stimulating and forward-thinking people in the world of CX!
  • The Virtual CX Excellence Summit will inspire you, motivate you and will provide you with world-class case studies you can use in your company.

The Virtual CX Excellence Summit is a 3-Day Event:

14 October 2020 16:00 CET - 18:00 CET

15 October 2020 16:00 CET - 19:00 CET

16 October 2020 16:00 CET - 18:00 CET

Facts & Figures

  • The first event organized by the P World was The Corporate Communication Experience held in Belgrade, Serbia in March 2011.
  • In 9 short years, P World has organized 180+ Events in 42 countries, 47 cities around the world including USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Turkey, Georgia, Qatar, Portugal, Norway, and Bahrain.
  • P World is the proud organizer of the signature brand events: Marketing Kingdom, Global HR Trends Summit, PR Trends Summit, Global Healthcare Summit, CX Excellence Summit & Corporate Communication Booth Camps.
  • P World also organizes HCI’s Certification Programs in Canada & Europe. 


Irina Pashina SAP SE

Michael Havas Erste Bank und Sparkassen Best

Joe Rice Twitter

Kasia Szokalska

Ifah Sivak Facebook

Aneta Korobkina KA World

Michal Szaniecki Volkswagen Group

Ramy Nassar 1000 Days Out

Sarah Metcalfe Happy Coffee Consulting

Archana Ramachandran American Airlines


16.00-16.30 The Future Of Customer Service – Putting Humans At The Heart Of Your Service
Sarah Metcalfe,
Head of Customer Service, Sure Petcare
16:30-17:00 How To Achieve Service Excellence? Transforming Into A Customer Orientated Organization
Michael Havas
, Managing Director s ServiceCenter, Erste Bank und Sparkassen Best
17:00-17:30 CX and Digital Transformation: What We've Learned From COVID-19 
Kasia Szokalska
, Customer Success Expert 
17:30-18.00  Q & A Session
18:00 End Of Day 1
16.00-16.30  Empowering The Customer With New Capabilities During The Pandemic
Archana Ramachandran
, Product Leader, Manage & Change Reservation, Digital Customer Experience, American Airlines 
16:30-17:00 Catapulting your CX returns with AI-based insight - CX revolution at Volkswagen
Michal Szaniecki
, Managing Director SEAT & Cupra, Volkswagen Group
17:00-17.30  Q & A Session
17:30-18:00 Human Centred CX in the Age of AI
Ramy Nassar
, Author, AI Product Design Handbook and Founder, 1000 Days Out
18:00-18:30 How To Build An Effective Help Center
Ifah Sivak, Market Manager, Global Operations, Facebook
18:30-19.00  Q & A Session
19:00 End Of Day 2
16.00-16.30 Service Leadership: 5 Steps of Creating an Extraordinary Service Culture
Aneta Korobkina
, Service Excellence and Leadership Expert
16:30-17:00 A Great Customer Experience: Why People Matter (Most) and How Technology Helps- SAP
Irina Pashina
, Senior Director - Content Marketing I Content Strategy I Customer Experience & Co-Active Coach®, SAP
17:00-17:30 Your Customers Are Talking. Are You Ready To Listen?
Joe Rice
, Data & Enterprise Solutions, Twitter
17:30-18.00  Q & A Session
18:00 End Of Day 3

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