Virtual CX Excellence Summit 5

19-20 May 2022 10 am - 4 pm (ET)

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Virtual CX Excellence Summit 5

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19-20 May 2022 10 am - 4 pm (ET)

About the Event

Welcome to the Virtual CX Excellence Summit 5!

With presentations by some of the world's leading CX professionals, our interactive summit has an agenda filled with cutting-edge case studies, practical tips, as well as inspirational sessions that will help you catch up with all the latest CX trends, find what is right for your organization and learn from the success (and failures) of others! With an amazing cross-industry agenda, featuring renowned CX experts the summit will provide you with the fresh ideas, advice, and networking needed to revolutionize your customer experience strategies.

If you are interested in learning & networking with CX Corporate Experts who have been there & done that, you are in the right place!

Featuring case-studies and practical presentations by CX experts from MCCAIN FOODS, DANONE, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, AKQA LONDON, ZAPPOS.COM, AMERICAN AIRLINES, HAPPY COFFEE CONSULTING the Virtual CX Excellence Summit will help you master even the most challenging CX trends for the future.

At the Virtual CX Excellence Summit You Will Learn How To:

  • Drive Customer Centricity in difficult times 
  • Simplify your CX processes
  • Expand your CX strategy to your supplier network 
  • Create a complete CX Journey for your company
  • Navigate Customer Experience in the Web3 + Metaverse
  • Voice of the Customer: A Framework for Successful Products
  • Manage Customer Experience as a Product
  • Lead a CX transformation
  • Create a Company Culture of great Customer Experience
  • Manage CX Support in the era of the Activist Customer
  • And what Not To Do when you are creating your CX Strategy







Facts & Figures

  • In 10 short years, P World has organized 180+ Events in 42 countries, 47 cities around the world including USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Turkey, Georgia, Qatar, Portugal, Norway, and Bahrain.
  • P World is the proud organizer of the signature brand events: Marketing Kingdom, Global HR Trends Summit, PR Trends Summit, Global Healthcare Summit, CX Excellence Summit & Corporate Communication Booth Camps.
  • P World also organizes HCI’s Certification Programs in Canada & Europe.  


Sarah Metcalfe Happy Coffee Consulting

Archana Ramachandran American Airlines

Katrina Schiedemeyer Danone

Alex Genov ZAPPOS. COM

Marketa Gibson McCain Foods

Shawn Johnson Discovery, Inc. | NBCUniversal | Microsoft

Lee Somerhalder Transportation Insight

Karen Root Boehringer-Ingelheim

Ahmad Shabazz


Michelle Martinez

Prabhu Kannan ByteDance



Giving Customers A Voice In A World Full Of Numbers

ALEX GENOV, Head of Customer Research, ZAPPOS.COM


How To Use Crisis To Drive Customer Centricity In Supply Chain And Beyond
MARKETA GIBSON, Vice President Global Supply Chain, MCCAIN FOODS


Winning Customers With A Simple & Easy CX
ARCHANA RAMACHANDRAN, Product Leader, Manage & Change Reservation, Digital Customer Experience, AMERICAN AIRLINES


Lunch Break


Expanding Your CX Program Beyond Customers'. How To Expand CX To Supplier Experience To Create Momentum Throughout The Entire Value Chain

Communicating with your customers is critical, but it is just as important to have constant communication with your upstream suppliers & employees to have a strong pulse on the business risks. This session will highlight the power of transforming your customer experience program beyond the customer and including the entire value chain. This will allow your organization to have strong relationships with suppliers, thus exceeding customer expectations.

KATRINA SCHIEDEMEYER, Sr. Customer Experience Center of Excellence (Supply Chain), DANONE


The Experience as a Product

Learn how Yamaha Motorsports transformed a brand's digital presence from product to customer focused by making their buying experience a product. Go for a quick ride through the buyer's journey and customer experience to map critical meaningful interactions that drive long-term winning relationships and competitive advantages. By consolidating data structures and modernizing martech systems, integrating them in efficient ways, automating redundant and predictive tasks, Yamaha was repositioned to deliver personalized content at scale that adapts to real-time buying behaviours. 

LEE SOMERHALDER, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Transportation Insight


Lessons learned: From Enterprise to Start-up what not to do in CX, and why
MICHELLE MARTINEZ, Head of Customer Experience


 End of Day One


Crawl-Walk-Run: Leading CX Transformation

KAREN ROOT, Director, Experience Strategy, Boehringer Ingelheim


Does Web3 and the Metaverse improve customer experience or does customer experience improve Web3 and the Metaverse?
AHMAD SHABAZZ, Tech Leader | Customer Experience Curator | Advisory Board Member


CX Support in the era of the Activist Customer
Prabhu Kannan, Former Head Global Business Process, ByteDance


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Voice of the Customer: A Framework for Successful Products

Understanding, listening and empowering your customers is one of the most important ingredients to a successful CX. Shawn will discuss and share a framework that can be applied to any size organization and business model, to ensure every team within the company is aligned with purpose, mission and goals to increase growth, engagement and value of customers for brands, products and experiences. 

SHAWN JOHNSON, Former GVP Global Product & Design, Discovery, Inc. | NBCUniversal | Microsoft


CX Impact on Credit Scores: How an Incomplete Customer Journey Map Can Effect Your Credit and Tarnish Your Brand
JESSE POE, Client Partner, AKQA London  


Creating the Culture of Great Customer Service


End Of Event

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