Crisis Communications Measurement with the PR Measurement Queen

June 23rd, 10am-4pm (EDT) / 4pm-10pm (CET)


Crisis Communications Measurement with the PR Measurement Queen


June 23rd, 10am-4pm (EDT) / 4pm-10pm (CET)

About the Event

Welcome to the Virtual Crisis Communications Measurement Masterclass with Katie D. Paine, the PR Measurement Queen!

In the last two years, the world of communications as we know it has changed. Engagement has supplanted revenue, stock price and/or market share as a key measure of success. The ability to attract and keep talent has replaced profitability as a top concern. Politicization and social division have changed the nature of truth and influence.

We’ve been told for years to “measure what matters.”  But if we’ve learned anything from these terrible, horrible no-good times, is that what used to matter, doesn’t anymore. As a result, we need to rethink what we measure. To survive in this new environment, the entire concept of measurement and particularly measurement in a crisis needs to flip. 

Attending our exclusive Masterclass with Katie D. Paine will help you achieve that!

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The Masterclass will cover:

  • The basic steps to best-in-class measurement for any and all forms of communications 
  •  How to avoid the misinformation plague (hint: dump your engagement metrics)
  • How to measure the crisis avoided
  • How to identify the people that matter and what they care about
  • Strategies to identify trusted sources and individuals around a particular issue or crisis
  • How to identify a crisis by type, and what your best possible response is depending on the type of crisis
  • Setting measurable objectives for crisis and issues communications
  • How to ensure you have the right data for your objectives
  • Defining acceptable proxies for intangible or hard to measure goals
  • Benchmarking – what are you being compared to?
  • Matching your tools to the data you need
  • How to use data to continuously improve results


Facts & Figures

Did you know?

  • Katie Delahaye Paine, aka The Measurement Queen (@queenofmetrics), has been a pioneer in the field of measurement for three decades. For her complete history, you might want to listen to her interview with Mohammid Hamid. She was recently awarded the prestigious IPR Jack Felton Medal for Lifetime Achievement, an award made for lifetime contributions in the advancement of research, measurement and evaluation in public relations and corporate communication. She has founded two measurement companies, KDPaine & Partners Inc., and The Delahaye Group.  Her books, Measure What Matters (Wiley, March 2011) and Measuring Public Relationships (KDPaine & Partners, 2007) are considered must-reads for anyone tasked with measuring public relations and social media. Her latest book, written with Beth Kanter, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit:Using Data to Change the Worldis the 2013 winner of the Terry McAdam Book Award.
  • Her latest company, Paine Publishing is the first educational publishing firm entirely dedicated to making more Measurement Mavens. Its newsletter, The Measurement Advisor, is the industry’s most comprehensive source of information about best practices in communications measurement. In her consulting practices, she designs measurement dashboards for some of today’s most admired companies. Katie has also been a leading promoter of standards in the PR and social media measurement field, most recently as the initial organizer of The Conclave that released social media measurement standards.
  • More recently, Katie was named one of “25 women who rock social media” by Lee Odden’s prestigious Online Marketing Blog. In 2008, she was named one of PR Week’s Power Players for her advocacy of PR measurement. Her firm won both the 2009 and 2010 New Communications Award of Excellence for its breakthrough work in social media research.


Katie Delahaye Paine PAINE Publishing



Part 1: Overview
- The Basic Steps to Measuring Anything 
- How to build a measurement program - mapping objectives to KPIs, acceptable proxies, defining the right data/content sets, defining stakeholders/audiences, defining data architecture, designing deliverables
- How to apply Measurement Standards and the Barcelona Principles 
- Defining your “Champagne Moment”
- Mapping objectives to KPIs
- Defining metrics for intangible goals


Part 2: Measurement Warning Signs
- How to use measurement to avoid a crisis 
- Benchmarks for a crisis 
- Criteria for success  
- How to define bespoke metrics for your specific issues 


Lunch Break


Part 3: Metrics for the War Room – How and What to Measure in the Middle of a crisis 
- What do you need to know? 
Type of crisis? 
Who’s paying attention? 
What’s the narrative? 
- How to get that data
- Other data you probably need 


Part 4: Measuring Crisis Success 
- Optimal Outcome – The Crisis Avoided  
Share of negatives 
Other crises responses and results 
- Typical Outcome 
What to measure 
Where to get the data 


Closing Discussion

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