Healthcare Communications Boot Camp 2

4-5 November 2021, 10am-4pm ET

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Healthcare Communications Boot Camp 2

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4-5 November 2021, 10am-4pm ET

About the Event

Welcome to the Healthcare Communications Boot Camp 2!

Based on the phenomenal feedback from our January edition, we are excited to launch the second edition of the Healthcare Communications Boot Camp, a two-day interactive webinar, covering the latest PR and communications tactics and trends that will help you stay on top of the latest developments and technology trends in healthcare communications in a COVID-19 world.

Why register?

  • See how your colleagues have adapted their strategies in the face of COVID-19.
  • Communicate about the vaccine and build confidence with a skeptical public.
  • Understand the importance of quick transformation of your communications strategy.
  • Maintain your reputation in times of unprecedented change.
  • Power your crisis communications playbook.
  • Keep your team energized and strengthen employee engagement.
  • Understand the new rules of media relations.
  • Master the latest trends in social media.
  • Build your online community to engage with patients and your audience.
  • See how Clubhouse conversations are connecting health care researchers, practitioners, patients and more.
  • Create authentic and inclusive web and social media content.
  • Master the latest trends in PR measurement.
  • Explore new ideas for launching your next generation communication and online strategies.
  • Leverage the experience of others in the field.

Facts & Figures

  • We are the proud organizer of the Global Healthcare Communications, one of North America's leading event for healthcare communications professionals, held anually in Toronto and Boston. 
  • Previous speakers at our healthcare events include healthcare communications experts from Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Michigan MedicineSt. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Canadian Patient Safety Institute , American Diabetes Association,Boston Children's Hospital,NHS Foundation Trust, Virginia Department of Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Yale Medicine, SickKids Foundation...
  • Our delegates work for some of North America's leading healthcare organizations, such as, Brockville General Hospital, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Grey Bruce Health Unit, American Heart Association, William Osler Health System, Keck Medicine of USC, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer...


Katie Delahaye Paine PAINE Publishing

Rhonda Mann Tufts Medical Center

Michaela Schreiter Ottawa Hospital

Colleen Young Online Community Director, Mayo Clinic Connect

Aleksandra Golota University of Virginia Health

Carrie Williams Texas Hospital Association

Sean Barry American Hospital Association

Kristine S. Austin KS Austin Communications

Sonny Gill Johns Hopkins Medicine



Opening Keynote: Communicating About the Vaccine: How to Build Confidence with a Skeptical Public
Americans deciding whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine encounter a lot of misinformation. Hospitals and health systems are helping to break through the noise, working in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn about key initiatives that are making a difference, including: bilingual public service announcements, radio news releases featuring trusted local clinicians; and educational events, podcasts and social media testimonials.
Sean Barry, Senior Associate Director, American Hospital Association


Understand the Importance of Quick Transformation of Your Communications Strategy in Times of Crisis
COVID-19 has completely reshaped our world. For PR professionals, it has raised the bar for what qualifies as being prepared. 
In this session Carrie will share with you how to adapt your communications strategy for the new, post-pandemic reality but also maintain your reputation in times of unprecedented changes, as well as, build your crisis communications playbook, prepare in advance and apply the right tone and tactics in your communications strategy.
Carrie Williams, Chief Communications Officer, Texas Hospital Association


Exhausted. With No End in Sight: Using Communications to Keep Your Internal Audience Energized
In this session, Rhonda will share with you lessons learned from the internal communications efforts during COVID-19 at the Tufts Medical Center. She will explain to you the tools that the organization used to strengthen employee engagement, increase motivation but most importantly, how to keep going, in what has been, the most challenging year for healthcare professionals across the world.
Rhonda Mann, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Tufts Medical Center


Lunch Break


Media Relations During COVID-19: How the Pandemic Shaped Hospital Media Relations, Collaboration and Information Sharing
During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital media relations became more important than ever. Hospitals had a role to play as public health voices, while also caring for and protecting the most vulnerable. Demand for information went up, and hospital communicators were tasked with ensuring the public had the information they needed, but that staff and patient privacy was always protected.
Michaela Schreiter, Manager, Communications Strategy and Media Relations, The Ottawa Hospital 


How COVID-19 Has Changed Healthcare Communications on Social Media
In this session Sonny will share lessons learned from the pandemic and explain what it takes to pivot your social media strategy in times of unprecedented change. He will discuss how to provide communities with relevant, informative and educational content, build connections with your target markets and share topics which are unique to your brand.

Sonny Gill, Manager, Social Media, Johns Hopkins Medicine


Short Break


The Strategic Advantage of Owning Your Online Community
Broad-based social networking sites play an important role for modern organizations in enabling them to reach key audiences in platforms they already use. Corporate Facebook and LinkedIn pages, YouTube channels and accounts on Twitter and Instagram are essential communications tools with strong applications in health care.
In this presentation Colleen Young, Community Director for Mayo Clinic Connect, will show how Mayo Clinic has built its owned community capacity as a complement to its broader social media strategy. You will see and hear:
- How Mayo Clinic created its first owned online patient community in 2011 and revitalized it in 2015 by migrating to a new platform and implementing strategic community management
- How the Mayo Clinic Connect community enables Mayo to create deeper online relationships with both existing and prospective patients
- How AI-based conversation translation will enable a richer community experience by enabling speakers of Spanish (and eventually other languages) to participate fully in disease and condition-based groups
- How Mayo Clinic is applying its owned community capabilities beyond patients to serve and engage with other audiences, including staff, external health care professionals and journalists.
Colleen Young, Principal, CY Connect & Community Director, Mayo Clinic Connect


Stopping the Social Media Insanity: Getting Results Without Losing Your Mind 

Kristine S. Austin, Principal, KS Austin Communications


Case Study: Creating Inclusive Web and Social Content For Transgender Patients
Anecdotes and research alike suggest healthcare interactions present challenges of access, exclusion, ignorance, and bias for transgender individuals more than for either the LGB population or the population as a whole. Because of this, building inclusive web and social content is essential when reaching transgender patients seeking services.
The session will share the relationships Marketing established with the medical and patient experience groups and how we continue to develop and refine content strategy when reaching this patient population. It will outline considerations and potential blind spots when sourcing photography, video, and patient stories from the trans population and share a high-level content strategy for pushing this content through social channels.
Aleksandra (Alex) Golota, Marketing and PR Specialist, University of Virginia Health


End of Day One

10.00 - 15.00

Interactive Workshop on the Latest Trends in PR Measurement in Healthcare Communications with Katie D. Paine - the PR Measurement Queen: Prove Your Value with an Integrated Communications Measurement Dashboard

With the COVID-19 crisis, tight budgets, and a growing proliferation of tools and techniques to get messages out there, PR pros working for healthcare organizations are increasingly faced with tough decisions on where to put their resources. Only by figuring out what really matters, and then developing specific metrics to measure the programs, can the right choices be made.
If you've ever wondered how to measure social media, public relations, internal communications, media relations, and your other programs, you’ll want to attend this workshop. You'll discover the tools, tips, and techniques to prove the effectiveness of your communications programs and how to set measurable objectives.
You’ll learn how to:
- Develop your Kick Butt Index – the first step to accountability
- Define your benchmarks.
- Ditch impressions and instead, show your impact on the organization.
- Measure trust, empathy, and relationships
- Measure your reputation.

Workshop Agenda: 
Part 1: Principles and Best Practices of good measurement 
Part 2: Create your own Champagne Moments, Acceptable Proxies and Kick Butt Index 
Part 3: Deciding what needs to be measured and what goes onto your dashboard and what data you need to do it. Specifically 
- External media
- Internal communications
- Digital communications
- Events
- Executive communications
- Influencer relations
Part 4: How to deliver insights from your data
Part 5: How to create reports that tell the story your bosses need to hear 
Part 6: Wrap up and discussions and final questions 

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