HR Next Generation Summit Zagreb 11

25 April 2024 Zagreb, Croatia

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HR Next Generation Summit Zagreb 11

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25 April 2024 Zagreb, Croatia

About the Event

Welcome to the 11th edition of Croatia's most innovative HR event - the HR Next Generation Summit in Zagreb, happening on the 25th of April 2024!

Join us for an immersive exploration of the future of human resources at the heart of Zagreb, where industry leaders and visionaries will come together to navigate the dynamic landscape of HR and create a platform for learning, networking, and growth.

Why You Should Join Us At The HR Next Generation Summit Zagreb 11:

  • Learn from the Best: Gain unparalleled perspectives from esteemed speakers and leaders representing global powerhouses such as IKEA, TomTom, BPOST, Sandoz, AstraZeneca, Oxford University, LEGO Foundation, Nokia, and more.
  • Future-Ready Expertise: Immerse yourself in the latest HR trends, strategies, and best practices, empowering you with the knowledge to skillfully maneuver the constantly evolving HR landscape.
  • Networking Amplified: Connect with a diverse community of HR professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts. Forge valuable relationships that can sculpt your career and influence your organization.
  • Revolutionize Your HR Approach: Discover innovative strategies for strategic workforce planning, culture development, rewards and recognition, HR technology, business alignment, talent diversity, and data-driven decision-making.

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Facts & Figures

  • In the past 13 years, the Global HR Trends Summit has been hosted in 27 countries, including Canada, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Turkey, Lebanon, Georgia, Qatar, Iran, Israel, Switzerland, and Bahrain.
  • The first-ever edition of the Global HR Trends Summit was held in Belgrade, Serbia in May 2012.
  • The Global HR Trends Summit is the only HR Summit that brings global knowledge and experience and enables learning in a highly interactive environment! 
  • So far, there have been 90 HR Trends Summits Around the World! 


Thomas Møller Jeppesen The LEGO Group

Lily Benjamin, Ph.D. Amazon

Harbir Singh Rissam AstraZeneca UK

Alice Chilver Oxford University

Nicholas Pearce Nokia

Christophe Vanden Eede Bpostgroup

Sylwia Gorska IKEA Austria

Marco Burelli TomTom

Francesca Caroleo Financial sector: Insurance, Banking

Martin Barner Sandoz AG

Ivan Skender A1 Hrvatska



Registration & Morning Coffee


Chairman Opening Event


The Power of Play
-What is Play and how can it be transformative
-Why is it relevant in the workplace?
-What does it look like in the real world? 

Thomas Møller Jeppesen, Head of HR, The LEGO Foundation


Real-time HR: Our Journey From Functional To Customer-Centric HR
Marco Burelli,
Head of HR Strategy, TomTom


 How We Aim To Be A Career Lifter For Short-Skilled Workers
-How companies have a societal responsibility to help their employees stay relevant through transformations
-Lessons learned from launching an at-scale-up and reskilling engine for short-skilled workers
-The return on investment of choosing to be a career lifter

Christophe Vanden Eede, Global Head of Talent Management, BPOST


Strategic considerations for HR when embedding Gen AI into the workplace
Martin Barner,
Head People & Organization Global Product Development, Sandoz AG


 Shaping Tomorrow: Strategies for Future-Ready Workforce and Thriving Communities
-Strategic Skill Mapping for Anticipating Future Job Trends and Staying Ahead of the Curve
-Importance of fostering strong learning and critical thinking culture in the Workplace
-Accelerating communities to close the skill gap and proactively prepare for the future workforce

Ivan Skender, Senior Director for Business Transformation, Human Resources, and Corporate Communications, A1 Hrvatska


Fireside Chat With Speakers & Questions From The Audience


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Build A Strong And Diverse Talent Pipeline
Understanding the theoretical underpinnings and practical suggestions for building a diverse talent pipeline in an organization.

Lily Benjamin, Ph.D., Head of Talent Management & Organization Optimization, Amazon


No Mountain Too Big: Achieving the Impossible 
-A case study for delivering sector-wide change, even if it may seem impossible  
-Taking a top- down, systemic approach to change that focuses on positive mindsets 
-Understanding the impact of such an approach for individuals, entire organizations and the talent pipeline of a whole sector 

Alice Chilver, Head of People and Organisational Development, University of Oxford


Shifting to Competency-Centric HR: Impacts and Challenges
-Exploring the evolution of HR practices to focus on competencies and skills
-Understanding competencies, skills, and their perceptions across stakeholders.
-Importance of skills management and its influence on HR practices.
-Balancing predefined competency models with crowd-sourced skills.
-Challenges in implementing skills management and AI's role.
-Aligning CEO, employee satisfaction, and broader stakeholder happiness

Francesca Caroleo, HR Executive: Financial sector, Insurance, Banking


Fireside Chat With Speakers & Questions From The Audience


Networking and Refreshment Break


Future Proofing Your Workforce Planning Strategy
-How should leaders prepare for future skills gaps as workforces and job roles evolve over time?
-How should leaders strategically manage their talent pipeline? Should reskilling and upskilling existing employees take precedence over recruiting new talent?
-How do we stay true to the company culture?

Harbir Singh Rissam, HR Business Partner, AstraZeneca


Leading with Mindful Growth – The Power of Lifelong Learning in Developing Conscious Leaders
Sylwia Gorska,
Head of People & Culture, IKEA Austria


Tackling Excessive Process and Bureaucracy: Roots & Solutions a Nokia case study
-Identifying causes and lessons learned at Nokia.
-Understanding the impact of bureaucratic loops on employees.
-The vital role of cultural and leadership shifts for success.

Nicholas Pearce, Strategic Program Lead, Nokia


Fireside Chat With Speakers & Questions From The Audience


End of Summit

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