Marketing Kingdom Malta 2

March 6th, Malta

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About the Event

Welcome to the second edition of the Marketing Kingdom Malta!

5 quick reasons to book your ticket now for Malta's most innovative marketing event in 2020: 

  • Spend a day surrounded by some of the most stimulating and forward-thinking people in the world - the instant cure to a creative burnout.
  • Our inspirational speakers have worked and developed marketing strategies for some of the world's leading brands
  • Get smarter. Discover new ideas and trends for your sector and leave the event with incredible insights that will inform your business in the future.
  • Be exposed to new ways of approaching your work and your brand, and learn from the incredible stories each speaker has to tell.
  • The Marketing Kingdom Malta will inspire and motivate you, and will provide you with a world-class education in marketing and social media







Facts & Figures

  • The first ever edition of the Marketing Kingdom was held in Belgrade, Serbia in October 2011.
  • In 8 short years, the Marketing Kingdom has been hosted in 16 different countries including Azerbaijan, Croatia, Turkey, Georgia, Qatar and Bahrain.
  • The first ever North American edition of the Marketing Kingdom was held last October in Vancouver. In 2019, Edmonton hosted the second edition.
  • Last year's Marketing Kingdom Malta hosted 12 speakers from some of the world's leading brands. 


Jesse Ringham Serpentine Galleries

Karen Carter nternational Advertising Association UK Chapter - IAA UK

Patricia Yates Visit Britain

Victoria Ryan Initiative UK

Robin Hamman Senior Consultant: B2B and Corporate Digital & Social Media, Battenhall

Anne Nosko Diageo

Maksimilian Kallhed The Pop Up Agency

Abraham Abbi Asefaw The Pop Up Agency

Anna Potanina Google

Leonardo Piumi Philips



Registration and Morning Coffee


Opening Interactive Workshop: You Only Need 48h To Solve A Marketing Problem
The Pop Up Agency is a creative agency, known for travelling the world and solving marketing communications problems within 48h. They have worked with clients such as Facebook, Coca Cola, KLM, Adidas and T-Mobile. They have developed a creative process that enables you to go from problem to solution in only two days. They want to inspire PR professionals to open up their eyes for a different way of working and plant a seed for a new industry movement.
Maksimilian and Abraham from The Pop Up Agency


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Creating More Successful Content Based on Data
Leo Piumi, Creative Producer, Philips


Tools and Tactics to Optimize Your Content Marketing

Victoria Ryan, Associate Director, Content Partnerships, Initiative UK


What’s Your Story? The Power of Content and Brand Narrative
Jesse Ringham,Head of Content, Serpentine Galleries 


Social Media for Grown Ups - How to Gather and Sort Insights When Building Strategic Programmes Targeting Professional Audiences
Robin Hamman, Award Winning Creative, Digital & Content Strategist


Networking and Refreshment Break


Test, Learn, Change: Learnings from 600+ UX audits by Google
Smartphones are now ten years old and they gave us superpowers: to get exactly what we want, instantly and effortlessly. How do you ensure your web experience meets your users expectations and your goals? UX design, of course. Join Google as they share best practices for mobile web UX. This session will answer why we are all experiencing problems when we look into data, why we need to change our company culture in order to succeed on mobile, and what practical things your company can try.
Anna Potanina, Mobile User Experience and Conversion Specialist, Google


Building A Strong Country Brand: Marketing And PR Methods That Work
Patricia Yates, Director, Strategy and Communications,Visit Britain


Case Study: Why Your Brand Voice Matters
Anne Nosko, Director - Culture, Media & Futures, Diageo


Closing Keynote:


How to Ensure Marketing Plan Execution
Karen Carter, Chairwoman, International Advertising Association UK Chapter


Closing Discussion and


End of Marketing Kingdom Malta 2

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