Virtual Crisis Communications Boot Camp 22

15-16 September, 10 am - 3 pm (ET)


Virtual Crisis Communications Boot Camp 22


15-16 September, 10 am - 3 pm (ET)

About the Event

We live in an era of constant crisis. Covid-19, political and societal turmoil, fake news, cybercrime and cancel culture have completely changed the world of crisis and reputation management. As a result, we need to rethink crisis planning. To survive in this new environment, the entire concept of crisis communications needs to flip. 

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Supported by case studies by some of the world’s leading communications experts, our fully updated, virtual Boot Camp will cover: 

  • Managing reputational risk in unprecedented times
  • Crisis planning for the new reality
  • The importance of leadership in times of crisis
  • Crisis communications measurement and why it matters now more than ever
  • Handling crisis communications in the cancel culture era
  • Developing cyber crisis response capabilities

Grab your ticket today and find out why the Crisis Communications Boot Camp is P World’s most popular event in 20+ countries around the world.

Facts & Figures

  • P World's first ever Crisis Communications Boot Camp took place in 2017 in Calgary. Since then we have organized 21 editions of the Boot Camp all around North America and Europe, including Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Helsinki and Zurich.
  • Over 3000 PR professionals have attended P World's Crisis Communications Boot Camps including representatives from: CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Houston Airports, Norwegian Cruise Line, Medtronic Canada, Texas Instruments, SAP, World Wildlife Fund, International Rescue Committee, Lenovo, Cornell Tech, ConocoPhillips, University of Texas, City of Austin, Washington State Department of Health, Spotify, BBC Studioes, Arizona Supreme Court, Imperial College London, Foundry, Keck Medicine of USC, Apollo Hospitals, Chapman University, Saint Joseph's University, Harvard University, PWC, JetBlue, Osram, The Skin Cancer Foundation, United National Global Compact, Novartis, Swiss RE, Government of Canada, McKeson, NBC Universal, Gregory FCA....


Katie Delahaye Paine PAINE Publishing

Amanda Coleman Former Head of Communications, Greater Manchester Police

Kathryn Kolaczek Alchemy Communications

Shaila Manyam BCW Global

Ashley Korte Equifax

Vivi Siegel Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Christian Lindmeier World Health Organization

Sarah Brown Former Director, Corporate Media Relations, Marriott International



Opening Keynote: The Golden Communication Rules
In this opening keynote, Christian will elaborate on the Golden Communication Rules from the perspective of a spokesperson for an International Organization. A special focus will be put on communicating uncertainty in a changing environment. The speaker will also share insight into Communication scenarios for Reputational Risk Management.
Christian Lindmeier, Spokesperson, World Health Organization


Adjust Your Crisis Communications Strategy For the New Reality
In this session, Shaila will share with you what it takes to create a crisis communications plan in uncertain times where political polarization is worse than ever, the public is increasingly confused and the spread of misinformation is rampant – and issues like human rights, climate change and other global topics can impact your local business.
Shaila Manyam, Senior Vice President, Client Lead and Senior Director, Public Affairs & Crisis, BCW Global


Be First, Be Right, Be Credible: Applying CDC’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Principles in Real-World Situations
CDC’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) curriculum provides trainings, tools, and resources to help health communicators, emergency responders, and leaders of organizations communicate effectively during emergencies; including structure for communicating with audiences under extreme stress. Learn about the CERC core principles and how they apply to each phase of a crisis. The presentation will include examples of how CERC can be used for natural disasters, chemical or radiological disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and other events.  
Vivi Siegel, Associate Director for Communications, Division of Environmental Health Science and Practice, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Lunch Break


Preparing for the Impossible: A Case Study by Equifax
The moment you believe it won’t happen to you, is the moment you put your business at risk. Ensuring your organization is prepared to respond to the unexpected quickly and effectively is critical to the continuity of any business. In this session Ashley Korte will discuss how Equifax equips internal stakeholders with the skills and resources to successfully navigate crises.
Ashley Korte, Senior Director, Global Crisis Management, Equifax


Preparing Your Spokespeople For Crisis in Times of Constant Crisis

What makes an effective crisis spokesperson? Sarah has the answers. 
In this session, she will share with you the most important tips that will help prepare your media spokesperson for a crisis event.

Sarah Brown, Founder and Principal, Brighton Media (Former Director, Corporate Media Relations, Marriott International)




Reputation Managament in an Age of Cancel Culture
Is your organization prepared to handle a communications crisis in the age of cancel culture?
In a world where outrage travels fast, and the list of brands and individuals facing a 'cancel culture' backlash grows longer, a crisis is likely no longer a matter of if - but when. By being prepared, you can move your organization from a place of reaction towards a mindset of accountability, avoiding missteps, mitigating damage, and rebuilding trust more quickly.
In this session, Alchemy Communications CEO Kathryn Kolaczek will lead you through common crisis or 'cancellation' scenarios your organization could face and help you build a plan and sharpen the tools you need to navigate a crisis confidently and authentically.
Kathryn Kolaczek, CEO, Alchemy Communications


Why Crisis Communications Measurement Matters Now More Than Ever
In today's post pandemic reality, what used to matter, doesn't anymore. Katie will share with you how to survive in this new environment by rethinking the concept of crisis measurement to protect and maintain your brand’s reputation in volatile times.
Katie D. Paine, Founder, PAINE Publishing (The PR Measurement Queen)


End of Day One


Interactive Crisis Simulation Workshop with Amanda Coleman: Crisis Communications in the New Reality
In this extended workshop, leading crisis communicator Amanda explores how crisis communications is changing in the post-pandemic world.
Combining long standing best practice with ideas on how crisis communicators can effectively support those affected by the crisis and protect the reputation of the organisation they represent.
This highly interactive workshop includes an opportunity to work with your fellow delegates through a challenging but very engaging crisis scenario, harnessing social media, media interviews and a sensitive press conference.
You will return to work with:
- Amanda's ten top post-pandemic crisis communications tips
- An action plan to improve executive readiness for crisis communications
-  A heightened awareness of how to communicate in an increasingly aggressive environment
At the end of this workshop you will:
- Understand the relationship between advance preparation and speed in crisis communications
- Be equipped to review your organisation’s tone, language and style on social media in a crisis
- Be familiar with aggressive question types in crisis media interviews and how to deal with them
- Be ready to review your organisation’s crisis communications plan in the light of the workshop

About Your Workshop Leader:

Amanda is the director of the crisis communication consultancy Amanda Coleman Communication Ltd. Based in the UK, she has 20 years’ experience in emergency services communication and leading law enforcement communication at a time of crisis.
In 2017, Amanda led the law enforcement communication response to dealing with the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. She has more than two decades of experience in managing crises.
She is the author of Crisis Communication Strategies published by Kogan Page in May 2020. It brings together advice for preparing for a crisis, dealing with it and moving effectively into the recovery phase. Amanda has worked as a journalist and is a Chartered PR Practitioner as well as a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations and Communication Association. She is an international speaker on crisis communication. Her blog can be found here

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