5 Marketing Tips By Nielsen’s VP Of Social Media

October 29, 2016

Shortly before our Global PR Summit in Canada, we sat down with Katie Morse, VP of Social Media at Nielsen and asked her to share with us 5 tips for PR professionals and marketers in today's rapidly changing world.

Katie is responsible for developing Nielsen’s global social media strategy, overseeing global execution and analysis, and developing Nielsen’s social media training program. Katie began her 10+-year marketing career working on B2B direct marketing programs in the telecommunications industry and has since worked on digital marketing initiatives for brands including American Express, Radian6, and Billboard – including creating the social media strategy for the 2012 and 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

1- Think in terms of location and environment instead of only demographics.

Assume that your messages will reach recipients while they’re out in the world, and likely multi-tasking. Think about when you want to connect with them and where you want that connection to take place, instead of only who you want them to do once they see your message. For example, think about how a Mom may see your message — are her kids still up? Is she trying to get a few things accomplished at once? What resources may she be using to accomplish everything on her plate? Think about the overall experience, instead of just the end result.

2- Don’t underestimate the importance of email and search.

It’s easy to focus on new media opportunities like social and mobile, but don’t forget the continued importance of reaching people in their email inboxes, and being easy to find online. These are two consistently key ways to connect with your stakeholders and potential customers, and make sure to invest efforts into developing those strategies and channels as much as you do your new media channels.

3- Be consistent across channels.

Make sure your messaging and imagery are consistent across all channels — not just for multi-channel campaigns, but for everyday interactions with your company as well.

4- Make sure you’re optimized for all screens.

Many companies still think “desktop first”, even though smartphones and tablets lead the charge in consumption across many mediums — social media to name one.

5- Use unsolicited feedback to your advantage.

Many people use social media tools as a way to speak up and voice their kudos and complaints about companies. Use this feedback to your advantage and share the information with the relevant departments at your company.

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