Rome PR Retreat

15-17 February in Rome, Italy

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About the Event

Our Exclusive Rome PR Retreat, taking place from 15-17 February, offers you the unique opportunity to pop the bubble you may find yourself in, connect with professionals with a range of PR skills and explore creative solutions to some of the most important challenges in today’s, ever changing PR world.

Our retreat leaders have created PR and communications strategies for Presidents, European Royal families and the world’s most reputable organizations. Throughout the years they have also successfully managed some of the biggest corporate crisis in modern history. Through lively discussions, group work and exclusive one-to-one sessions, they will help you take your professional skills to the next level and strengthen the position of PR and communications in your esteemed organization.   






Facts & Figures

  • Spend three days surrounded by some of the most stimulating and forward-thinking people in the world -- the instant cure to a creative burnout.
  • Our retreat will provide you with the opportunity to get deeper understanding of today’s ever changing PR trends and will provide you with a natural support structure that will help you stretch your PR knowledge beyond your normal limits.
  • The Rome PR Retreat is all about building a creative community that will provide you with support, value and opportunity to make things happen.
  • Our retreat leaders have worked and developed PR and communications strategies for European Royal Families, US Presidents and some of the world’s most admired entrepreneurs and corporations.


Heather Mitchell Unilever Hair Care

Ania Jakubowski Leadership Expert

Piers Schreiber Jumeirah Group

Colleen Harris Official Spokesperson, Wiliam and Kates Royal Wedding

Mary Jo Jacobi HSBC, Lehman Brothers, Royal Dutch Shell And BP America

Donald Steel Former Chief Communications Advisor, BBC

Patrick Jephson Former Chief Of Staff To Princess Diana


Master the latest trends in PR with the help of some of the world's most innovative business professionals.


Breakfast Session With Donald Steel: Is it Time To Abandon Headhunters, Abandon Identikit Managers And Go For A New Style Of Communications Team?  


Interactive Discussion With Mary Jo Jacobi And Patrick Jephson: Mastering The Art Of Apology - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word


Interactive Discussion With Heather Mitchell: How To Stay Ahead, Implement New Trends And Measure The Impact Of Your Work


Group Work With Donald, Mary Jo And Heather


Optional One To One Session With Our Speakers/ Free Time


Dinner And Interactive Session With Patrick Jephson: How To Strategically Position Public Relations And Communications Within Your Company 


Breakfast Session With Donald Steel: Do We Need To Re-Engineer Our Crisis Team And Plan To Deal With The Age Of Instant Social Media?


Interactive Discussion With Mary Jo Jacobi: Handling A Financial (Rather Than Operational) Crisis


Interactive Session With Piers Schreiber: Managing Corporate Information Leaks: Practical Solutions For Dealing With Information Breaches


Group Work With Donald, Mary Jo and Piers


Optional One To One Session With Our Speakers/ Free Time


Dinner And Interactive Session With Ania Jakubowski: Is There A Fine Line Between Resilience And Burnout?


Breakfast Session With Mary Jo Jacobi: Leading a Team You Didn't Choose (And That Didn't Choose You)


Interactive Discussion With Colleen Harris: Audiences Tend To Trust People More Than Corporations: Building And Keeping Trust In Your Personal Brand


Interactive Discussion With Heather Mitchell And Ania Jakubowski: How To Develop A Strong Agency/Client Relationship That Boosts Profits And Minimizes Conflicts


Closing Discussion With Donald Steel, Mary Jo, Colleen Harris And Ania Jakubowski


Optional One To One Sessions/ Free Time


Closing Dinner With All Speakers And Retreat Delegates: How To Prepare For The Challenges Ahead

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