Education Communicators Boot Camp

18-19 June, Philadelphia

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About the Event

Hello Philadeplhia!

Following the success of our Global PR Summit and the PR Measurement & Crisis Communications Boot Camps in 30 countries around the world, this June, from 18th -19th, we will be hosting our first ever Education Communicators Summit in Philadelphia.

5 reasons to book your ticket now:

  • Network with PR and communications peers from North America.
  • Master the latest trends  and challenges in PR and communications from top Universities and Agencies.
  • Gain the knowledge you need to deliver effective, creative communications.
  • Protect your reputation in an age of fake news and cybercrime.
  • Prepare for major crisis with our full day crisis simulation workshop







Molly Gluck Boston University

Donald Steel Former Chief Communications Advisor, BBC

Nancy Seideman Emory University

Donna (Yanish) Lovell Stanford University

Timothy Bohling University of Notre Dame

Maxine Greenleaf Jackson State University

Rachel Colleen Smith Columbia Business School

Hilary Katulak Boston University

Keith McCluskey Harvard Law School



Registration and Morning Coffee


Opening Remarks


Agile for Higher Education: Processes and Tools for Digital and Marketing Strategy
Keith will discuss how to apply Agile to higher education, in both the digital and marketing spaces, by aligning teams and tools to drive more efficient results in resource-constrained environments. He's successfully overseen a digital transformation at Harvard Law School, moving the entire school to a modern web platform and strategy, and  the marketing of the Bicentennial of the school, where two years worth of planning culminated in a year-long series of celebrations.

Keith McCluskey, Senior Director of Online Strategy, Office of Communications, HARVARD LAW SCHOOL


How Your Institution Can Adapt Its Content Strategy to Effectively Leverage Stories, Live Video & Ephemeral Content
- Stories vs. Feed: How to use 15-second snippets to reach institutional goals
- How to seek out student/alumni stories on social media for future social media and digital marketing content
- How do you translate long-form written content on Instagram or Snapchat?
- What makes content worthy of a Story?
- What gets people to click back to view the content a second time?
- What tone of voice should you use for with Stories?
Rachel Colleen Smith, Associate Director, Social Media, COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL


An Integrated Approach to Amplifying Research and Faculty Expertise
Boston University’s Public Relations | Social Media team will give a crash course on how to effectively use social media and content platforms together with traditional public relations strategies to amplify research, connect faculty with broad and highly targeted audiences, and elevate faculty profiles among the general public and the media.
Molly Gluck, Public Relations and Digital Communications Associate, BOSTON UNIVERSITY
Hilary Katulak , Associate Director, Public Relations, BOSTON UNIVERSITY


How to Use Data to Increase the Number of Inquiries to Your Programs

With one change to our digital strategy, we increased the number of inquiries to our programs by more than 400 percent. How? By deploying a real-time dashboard with the ability to understand and optimize engagement across all platforms, including social and websites, and across all 12 of our graduate programs.
Timothy Bohling, Chief Marketing and Graduate Enrollment Officer, and Teaching Professor of Marketing, UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME


Interactive Discussion with Speakers and Delegates


Lunch for Speakers and Delegates


Session reserved for JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE


Before the Crisis Occurs: Preparing an Integrated Institutional Emergency Communication Plan
In the event of a mass casualty event on campus, who creates the institution's messaging about the event and how is it disseminated to the institution’s various audiences? Developing a plan for communicating about a campus crisis in an age where everyone is a reporter with a video camera. 
Donna Lovell, Assistant Vice President, News and Content Production, STANFORD UNIVERSITY


Executing a Crisis Communications Plan: a Case Study About the Jackson State University shooting
On December 5th, 2019 Jackson State University went on lockdown after an active shooter was reported on campus.In this presentation, Maxine will share with you how Jackson State University in Mississippi executed a thoughtful, practiced, crisis communications plan to share critical information with the public in a measured and orderly way during the University shooting.
Maxine Greenleaf, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, JACKSON STATE UNIVERSITY


Lessons Learned From Ebola: How Emory Communicators Grappled With the Ebola Crisis in 2014
In this session, Emory University’s AVP University Communications will share with you how Emory managed the communications around the treatment of four Ebola patients in 2014. Nancy will reveal tips to help you prepare BEFORE the emergency hits, and how to quell public fear and misinformation that could spell disaster.
This session will also help you understand how to determine if your crisis really is a crisis, the best ways to prepare and collaborate with stakeholders, how and when to assemble the players and their roles, as well as, why the CEO must be front line with internal communications and tips for managing a torrent of media.
Nancy Seideman, Vice President, University Communications , Emory University 

Interactive Discussion with Speakers and Delegates


End of Day One


Morning Coffee

10.00-16.30 Full Day Crisis Simulation Workshop with Donald Steel

In this full day, comprehensive and hands-on executive program, you will gain a complete understanding on how organizations should prepare for and take effective actions at the outbreak of damaging fake news, negative PR and crises. You will leave with a better understanding of strategic crisis management and communication protocols to contain and counter crises and how to protect brand reputation. 
Led by Donald Steel, a renowned speaker in reputation and crisis management, this program aims to explore how early planning and preparation, together with a strong understanding of the principles of crisis communication, will insure the organization against reputational shocks or damage. Using case studies from leading organisations and a series of practical simulation exercises, participants will discover effective strategies to handle a high-pressure reputational crisis and establish crisis leadership to not only protect brand trust but also emerge from the crisis with trust enhanced
This program also explores how communication professionals should operate in the midst of such fast moving situations. From the principles of establishing what has happened, communicating timely and devising crisis leadership and strategies to managing the traditional and social media, the program will challenge you to return with renewed fervour about the importance and financial value of crisis planning and rehearsal. You will also gain vital crisis communications skills to manage and defend trust in your brand when it is at its most vulnerable

Benefits of Attending:

- Develop an effective crisis management action plan
- Ensure you respond with the required speed in an emergency
- Establish crisis leadership to defend your reputation during a time of public sensitivity
- Explore how to gain control of your narrative in a crisis
- Develop core messages for crisis communications
- Craft appropriate media relations strategies in an aggressive environment
- Understand how to leverage social media for effective crisis management and damage control
- Use your skills to effectively manage an emergency press conference under pressure
- Learn how to prepare for crises and emergencies in advance 


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